{Bookish Finds} Mount Emily by Low Ying Ping

Mount Emily
By: Low Ying Ping
Published by: Epigram Books on March 2016
Genres: Mystery (YA)

While digging around their school’s backyard in search of an urban legend, Patsy Goh and her best friend Elena are whisked back in time to 1987. Trapped in their mums’ 13-year-old bodies, the duo race against the clock to hunt down the magical time crystal that got them in this mess, before the evil Midnight Warriors find it and cause a time crisis that could destroy all of existence. 
I came across this book while doing some window shopping at the bookstore. It caught my attention for a few reasons:

1. The story is set in Singapore.
2. The main characters are students.
3. Time travel!!!
4. Girls who were trapped in their mothers' bodies in the past.

Such an interesting plot! I've already ordered a copy and waiting for it to arrive!