{Bookish Updates} 30 April 2018

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What a hectic week! I'm glad the week was over and I get to rest more this week given that Monday is my off day and Tuesday is a public holiday. Yay! I had 1 greeting card order last week, 1 customised notebook design order, 1 1000-word short story and a 7000-word short story order all in one week all piled together. Not to mention the piles of test papers to mark and return to my students. I'm dropping my short story writing service until further notice... and concentrate more on drawing greeting cards since it's much more fun anyway.

The buyer sent me a picture and wanted me to do exactly the same on the notebook and this is how it turned out. Both of us are very satisfied with it.

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New Books For Bookish Michelle

Hello Stranger - From one of my favourite historical romance author. How can I not get it?

To Kill A Kingdom - Got it together with Hello Stranger because... why not? Sometimes we just got to pamper ourselves. 

So excited after seeing these 2 books in my letterbox!