{Bookish Updates} 6 May 2018

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Had a not so hectic week as compared to last week as I've managed to squeeze in some reading time after I knocked off from work at night and before going to sleep. Accidentally fell asleep twice during the week though as I was really tired. Did I mention that I'm into my third trimester of pregnancy? Perhaps that's what made me really sleepy.

Finished a book this week! So, yay to me! Intending to read more since I've stopped providing the short story writing services for others but I have plans to write some children stories of my own (that'll come later, if I don't procrastinate..) I'm also trying to pick up some cute drawing skills from reading those tutorial books. Hope it'll come in handy for my greeting card store online (which is still undergoing 'renovation').
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Boo... :'(
But then again, I've got many books from my TBR pile to read.